Not A Year Off: The Story Behind Language Stories


May 20th, 2019

2 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Want to support Language Stories? Now there’s a way. And you get to read the story behind Language Stories too.

It’s an honour to finally announce my very first book – Not A Year Off: The Story Behind Language Stories. Yay!

Click here to get your copy of Not A Year Off now:

From first mentions of the very idea of Language Stories to people, years before we even set off, people were asking how they could support the project. We opted (at least so far) not to have a Patreon or crowd-funding and instead self-fund the first two seasons of the project.

There are a few reasons for this:

1) As well as being a trip to create Language Stories, our year making the episodes was also in part our honeymoon!

It felt very wrong to ask people to fund that. Drawing a thick line between “work” and “play” would have been very difficult for a lot of the trip.

2) We didn’t know where the project would lead.

I wouldn’t have wanted to ask people for crowd-funding support to then not be able to deliver on our promise. When we first set out, we had connections for the New York and Montreal episodes but after that, we were going in blind.

Of course, we had faith that we would make it work (which I hope you’ll agree, we did!) but it felt unfair to bring others on board with that at a point when we didn’t know what to expect or guarantee.

However, I do get why people would want to support something like Language Stories.

That’s one reason I wrote Not A Year Off: The Story Behind Language Stories.

Another is quite simply that I wanted to write down all the memories I could before they became hazy. Ha!

The book is very new to me and like nothing I’ve ever created before.

It’s primarily a travelogue, but one that’s probably more interesting if you share with me a curiosity for languages.

You can expect our stories – the ones it took to make Language Stories and the stories surrounding the rest of the trip too.

From interviewing Mayan rappers in Mexican shopping malls to meeting Galápagos tortoises for the first time.

From visiting a school for Deaf students in Vietnam to running a “race” through Cambodian traffic.

And from chatting for hours with speakers of language I knew nothing about in Malaysia to collapsing in the bus station days later.

It’s the full story of what it took to make seasons one and two of Language Stories, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

If you enjoy non-fiction books, if you enjoy Language Stories, or if you simply wish to support the project, buying a copy of Not A Year Off is a great choice.

Click here to get your copy now and choose between digital Kindle ebook version or physical paperback (I wrote a book! Woop!):

One way you can really support Language Stories is by purchasing multiple copies and sharing them with people you think will enjoy it. That’s also a great way to share the word about Language Stories too.