Maya Isn't Dead

December 29th, 2017 · 23 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

What happens when history tells us a civilisation has vanished? Disappeared. Gone. Kapoof.

Naturally, we assume that the languages spoken by those civilisations is gone too, right? That all citizens and descendants took them to the grave, leaving only some etchings at ruins of once great cities, which leaves lots of work for people who like deciphering stuff to decipher the pieces of the language spoken by these people.

And of course, the juicy gory details of history are the ones we hear about first: the human sacrifice, the end of the world predicitions.

Well...not really.

Think of this episode as a bit of a mythbuster. Answering the questions you didn't even know you had about a language that you didn't even know still existed.

Welcome to Language Stories, a podcast discovering languages around the world and meeting the people who speak them. I’m Lindsay Williams from Lindsay Does Languages, a language-obsessed chica on a constant exploration of languages no matter where I am in the world. And this episode, welcome to... Merida, Mexico where we’re hearing the story of Yucatec Maya.

The Video

Further Reading + Resources

Photos of the Yuya nests Mirna mentions - take a look and see how the description fits the language.

National Geographic - The more in-depth explanation for the supposed "end-of-the-world" predictions in 2012

Vicente Canche Moo - take a look at all the projects Vicente has worked on/is working on on his website.

Ko’one’ex kanik maaya - the project in the region teaching Yucatec Maya in schools.
Xiimbal Kaaj - my favourite Pat Boy song featuring Yazmín Novelo, who also volunteers with Radio Yuuyum.

ADN MAYA - Pat Boy's record label YouTube channel.

Vice/Noisey - an interview with Pat Boy (in Spanish)

Radio Yuuyum - check their official website to see everything going on!

Global Voices - an article about Radio Yuuyum

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