The Panama Canal

April 14th, 2018 · 5 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Welcome back to Season 1 of Language Stories. This time we're at the Panama Canal.

Trade has always influenced the languages we speak. But what happens with language at one of the busiest and most important trade routes in the world, the Panama Canal? In this episode of Language Stories, discover languages at The Panama Canal. Click through to listen + watch now.

Why the Panama Canal?

Trade routes have always played an important role in language development.

I find it fascinating how language can form from these real life short, repetitive exchanges.

So, of course, when visiting the Panama Canal, my mind wasn't thinking "I wonder what type of steel they used for that bit...", more like "Shh...I want to hear what language that tugboat operator is speaking to the captain of that ship!"

The Video

Further Reading + Resources

Wikipedia - the Wikipedia page about the Canal for a brief history.

Agreement from Panama Canal - the agreements document issued by the Panama Canal with the "Important Notice" at the top.

English Test Guidelines - the English Test Guidelines for jobs at the Panama Canal.

Jobs at the Panama Canal - the list of jobs at the Panama Canal (in Spanish).

No accident: Ancient walnut forests linked to languages, trade routes - an interesting read about research involving languages, trade, and walnuts...

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