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Preview: Language Stories coming November 10th!


October 31st, 2017

1 min 45 secs

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About this Episode

A little preview of what to expect on November 10th 2017 when the first episode of Language Stories launches!

What is Language Stories?

Language Stories is a new series here at Lindsay Does Languages of video and podcast episodes about languages in various places around the world.

We’re currently spending a year travelling and working (online) and wanted to produce something lasting and inspiring both for language lovers and curious travellers alike. We’re creating Language Stories as we travel, discovering languages + meeting people in the places we go and sharing their stories.

Language Stories is designed to be accessible. Something you can share with your family and friends that both do and don’t necessarily love languages as much as you do.

It’s designed to inspire. To keep or start people learning languages solo and maybe even to travel to explore further for yourself.

And finally, it’s designed to last. We want Language Stories to be something that you can revisit multiple times both now and in the future to enjoy as and when you fancy.

What makes Language Stories different is that it's a multi-format project. There’s videos and podcast episodes primarily, that draw from the same sources but are produced by different people so tell things from slightly different perspectives. (The videos are edited by Ashley, my husband, and the podcasts are edited by me, Lindsay).

From time to time there’ll also be additional blog content that accompanies the core videos and podcasts, and maybe even other formats as time goes on.

We have some ideas and places in mind for future episodes, largely based on our travel plans for the year. However, we are flexible and if you have a language story to share, or you know someone who does, get in touch and if our plans align with where you are in the world, we’d love to get chatting about featuring your language story.